Ode To The Lands’ End Flip-Flop


Here’s a testimonial we received via our UK Correspondence Team. Customer Jan really loved our flip-flops. Really. Loved ‘em.  We’re thinking of hiring her as a copywriter.

About 15 years ago, a pair of green flip-flops took my eye in your catalogue.  I WANTED THEM.  Thought they were a tad expensive for what they were, but hey, a woman knows these things, I went with my gut feeling.  From the moment they arrived, we bonded, those green flip-flops and I. In all the years, through all the adventures we shared, the toe posts never rubbed, not once.  I never had a blister, or even a sore spot.  My feet never ached if I was wearing them.  Those shoes became my friend, we shared our lives every summer. We climbed mountains and went quad biking.  We dog-walked for MILES.  My friends and I pushed the prams of all five grandchildren, then built sandcastles and boats.  We paddled in several oceans and we swam together.  We ran from a blazing fire in Portugal and attended a wedding in Greece (that’s another story).  We promenaded on Pier 39, then drove The Big Sur.  We’ve gardened and cleaned the house.  We washed the car I don’t know how many times, and shared the experience of the Empire State Building at midnight.  We’ve been to Tesco’s, and danced at discos.  Chassee’d on a cruise liner and strutted our stuff at line dance classes.  But all good things come to an end. The toe post of the left foot is down to two slender threads – still hanging in there, but not safe to wear anymore.  So it is with a sigh of regret that I tenderly place my friends in the wheelie bin.

RIP. I’ll miss you.

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