Lands’ End Goes To The Wedding


Submitted by Grace T., the mother of the bride and a Lands’ End fan.

For most prospective brides, the task of finding the perfect wedding gown can be overwhelming—possibly frustrating to the bride and everyone around her. Imagine our surprise when our daughter Laura tried on variations of two different gowns and picked the perfect dress for her on our first day of searching. It was almost anticlimactic. Surely it shouldn’t be that easy.

Finding the bridesmaids dresses was another thing entirely. With our daughter fresh back from Afghanistan and busy with an Army career in Texas, and her bridesmaids living in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, gathering them together to select and agree on a dress would be a hard task. So it fell to Laura to pick the dress. She wanted a dress that would be attractive, reasonably priced, require few alterations, comfortable for a July wedding, and more importantly, a dress the bridesmaids would wear again—not an easy task. All the frustration she didn’t experience finding her own gown she experienced trying to find the perfect dress for her bridesmaids.

Two months of searching went by, and still she had not found a dress that would meet all her requirements–at least not until I suggested that she check the Lands’ End website. One doesn’t immediately think of Lands’ End for bridesmaids’ dresses, but Laura found a cute navy cotton sundress the bridesmaids all liked and one that met all her requirements. The dress would be comfortable in the hot Virginia weather, was reasonably priced, and it was easy for each bridesmaid to order her own dress. More importantly, with the wide selection of sizes, they were able to obtain a dress that fit each of them perfectly. Not one of the five dresses required alterations. And it definitely was a dress the bridesmaids would wear again.

Thank you, Lands’ End. On Laura’s wedding day, we had a happy bride and five beautifully dressed bridesmaids.


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