Christmas … and beyond!

It was around spring of  2011 when my husband sarcastically asked, “So, that Christmas wreath on the porch? Are you going to take it down soon or decorate it for Easter?”

Genius! I thought.

But, it also made me wonder, “How long will this wreath last?”

You see, Lands’ End wreaths last a long time. Long, long time. The greenery is cut fresh on a farm in the Pacific Northwest, then decorated and tied by hand. And each wreath is made to order to ensure the freshest, longest-lasting results.  I bought the aforementioned wreath for Thanksgiving, and it was still holding together in April.

So last Thanksgiving I started a photo diary for my new holiday wreath and this video project was born.

How long will your Lands’ End Christmas wreath last and what fun ways will you decorate it? Share with us on Facebook.

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