Caution: Contains Deliciousness

The rumors are true.

Summer is winding down.

Half-day Fridays have reverted back into full days waiting for the weekend. 8:30pm sunsets have migrated south for the winter.

And all across the country grills are being closed up for the winter.

But the approaching change of season doesn’t force me (or my fellow natural born grillers) from shutting down our backyard kitchens. Many of us diehard friends of the flame up here in the badger state have been known to grill during the toughest January blizzards.

So for those of you thinking about retiring your grill for the year, please allow me the opportunity to sway your decision by introducing you to the juiciest cheeseburger experience I’ve ever encountered in all my years surfing the internet looking for something to eat.

I give you. . .



The Cheese & Burger Society

The Cheese & Burger Society



Although it has been around for some time now, I just recently became a pledge and look forward to completing my initiation by creating each of their unique cheeseburger masterpieces.

With funny commentary by Patrick Warburton (if you don’t know him as David Puddy from “Seinfeld” I guarantee you’ll recognize his deep, deadpan voice) the website is a cornucopia of cheeseburgers featuring some of the most famous Wisconsin cheeses.


Like the infamous Limburger in The Farmer John.




Or the rich flavored butterkase in The Rhinelander.



Maybe I’ve been able to convince a few of you out there to keep your grills up and running for a few more weeks to put your burger-building skills to the test.

But if not, hopefully I’ve made a few of you hungry.


Photos courtesy of: The Cheese & Burger Society.

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