“Grey’s Anatomy Needs Team Jackets – STAT!”



On August 8th, Hollywood called Dodgeville.

A member of the Grey’s Anatomy costume department contacted Lands’ End Business Outfitters.

The medical drama was about to celebrate its 200th episode – a very rare milestone in primetime television – and needed 260 Marinac Jackets embroidered with the Grey’s Anatomy logo and a “200” logo.

260 jackets. Two logos apiece. In their hands in six days.


Business Outfitters has a Swat Team that handles exceptional orders like this. It quickly began swatting away every obstacle, clearing a path to customer contentment.

The CAD (Computer Aided Design) Team translated the Grey’s Anatomy logo to needle and thread.

Client approval followed. Next, embroidery and packing.

The jackets were overnighted on the 13th and arrived in time for the big celebration.

Word came back from the client at Grey’s Anatomy:

“We had quite the celebration! Everyone was very pleased with their jackets, and I must say dealing with you and your staff was a pleasure. Many thanks, and looking forward to our next project together”.

As for the cast and crew of Business Outfitters? They’re catching their breath.

Then, rumor has it, they’re getting an agent.

Doc-talk Trivia: “Stat,” used in health-care settings to say “Hurry,” is an abbreviation of statim, Latin for “immediately.”

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