Cash Or Credit

Dealbreakers. They can be serious: smoking, picking fights with your sister, picking his nose in public. And they can be superficial: thinning hair at twenty-five, wearing New Balances with a suit, wearing socks with sandals.

My mom accepted a second date with my dad in the mid-‘80s despite the fact that he wore corduroys in July. This August, they celebrated 29 years of marriage. So not all theoretical dealbreakers are literal. But along with what you do, what you wear says a lot about you. And could affect your entire future.

Men don’t have as many ways as women to “speak” through apparel and accessories, so take advantage of the few you do (ties, cuff links, watches, wallets) to say something that won’t cause a cringe, eye roll or write off – or something that’s simply an accurate representation of you.



According to George Costanza, a wallet is an “organizer, secretary and friend.” It plays a part, but it’s also personal. That doesn’t mean you need to carry your complete commercial history around in your back pocket. Stuffing yours full of coupons from Florida (you live in New York), leftover lira and your expired college ID won’t do you any favors. Trim the fat: a couple credit cards, current driver’s license, two twenties, punch card for your favorite lunch truck, business card (networking never sleeps) and a few photos (you’re not all business) will get you through most days.




Seal the deal with a timeless leather billfold that is slim (so you don’t sit at a slant when it’s in your back pocket like George did), but has ample slots for easy organization. You don’t want to dig through a deck to find your VISA or suffer the embarrassment of your pharmacy receipt bursting out for your date to see (that hair regrowth prescription was for a friend, right?).




Our Landmark Collection wallets fit the bill. From a simple card holder to a spacious trifold, heat-creased construction enhances durability and rich Italian leather perpetuates a sophisticated style. Really put your stamp on it with embossed monogramming.




So whether you’re carrying one to avoid being the guy in the corduroy or because you appreciate a well-made, good-looking and functional “friend,” a Landmark wallet sends a positive message – and people are listening.



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