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Hello, I’m Gaile, a writer at Lands’ End, and former accessories sales associate. Granted, that last job was (mrfph) years ago when I was 19, but it paid the bills and helped me develop a deep love for the art of bling.

My focus was jewelry, but I still learned more than anyone probably ever needs to know about hosiery, handbags, scarves, and belts.  I also learned to never ever guess another woman’s age, but that’s an entirely different story.

Years later, I’ve returned full circle to accessories for my first, post-grad pay-my-mortgage job as a copywriter with Lands’ End.  It’s really the same work all over again, only now I get to talk in text instead of in person.  And since I love words and fashion, it’s a perfect fit.

My favorite part of every morning is choosing the jewelry, scarves, or belts (or all three) to finish my outfit for the day. It’s like picking out a tie for my suit.  Men get full Windsors.  Women get sparkle and shine.

I realize others don’t share my excitement, though. We never worry about pairing jeans and tees, but the prospect of matching belts to shoes or mixing scarves and necklaces can make even the bravest walk away.




Here are three simple rules to get you started if you find yourself overwhelmed and unsure – or if you just want new ways to refresh those favorite tees and cardis that never find hanger time in your closet.


1. Use what you already have. Your mother’s pearls.  The pretty scarf your daughter gave you.  The jeweled flower pin from your grandmother.  Everyone has something stashed away for a special occasion.  Don’t treat them like fine china!  Celebrate these style moments and their personal connection any day.




2. Pick a statement piece and build around it.  Do you love dangly earrings?  Pair them with a simple necklace or some bracelets.  Prefer longer necklaces?  Mix a couple to build a signature grouping, and then add a pair of button earrings or maybe a ring.  Have a scarf you love because the colors in it go with everything?  Use it to frame a short pendant necklace with a wide, loose tie.




3. When looking for new pieces, pick what you love!  Don’t worry about whether or not it will match anything else.  If you love it, you will wear it – even if it’s all by itself some days.

Inexperience is a secret advantage – not knowing “the rules” lets you create something fresh and you’ll find unexpected pairings that win compliments every time. No one is born with an accessories gene—everyone has to learn. We’ll help you find your way.  And remember: when in doubt, you can always copy something you love. Follow our favorite looks to get you started.


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