5 Key Pieces. 5 Key Looks.



Hi again! Raina here, editor of Apostrophe. Monday may have been the unofficial end of summer but when summer ends, fall fashion begins! And I for one, can’t wait to experiment with new styles and trends. Also, it means I get to wear my boots and there’s no one who loves her some knee-high leather boots like this girl!

But I’m also the girl whose alarm goes off at 5:00 every single morning so I know how hard it is to put together a stylish outfit every day — one that I didn’t wear earlier in the week (or this exact day last week) either. So it’s helpful when I have a few items that I know always go together in multiple ways and look great however I combine them. Plus, I’m pretty good at math and simple equations like blouse + skirt + jacket = Monday make getting dressed that early in the morning A LOT easier.

You can see the rest of the week in Five For Five in this season’s issue of Apostrophe (page 48). We’ve made getting out the door looking super stylish every day of your workweek a little easier. You may even look forward to Monday mornings — I promise not to tell if you do.

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