We’re Parents, Too.


Although I am CEO/President of Lands’ End I am also the father of a five-year-old who goes into kindergarten this fall. She is one of the biggest reasons my wife and I are so passionate about Lands’ End Kids.

In a world that seems over-hyped with poorly made clothing for kids, oftentimes in styles that make them grow up too fast, Lands’ End Kids is a beacon for real-kid clothes.

What we stand for are durable, easy-fitting styles that parents and kids can agree on, designed for school, play and everywhere in between — and always offered at the best possible value.

When you shop with us this back-to-school season, please remember that every purchase comes with a guarantee as simple as a pinky promise. If you’re not happy with a purchase, neither are we. Love it or send it back.

Guaranteed. Period.®




First steps to the first day of kindergarten. Sleepless nights and wrapping-paper-strewn Christmas mornings. Sibling scraps and playground scrapes. We’ve been there. We’ve seen it, felt it, even smelt it. And we love it. Because we’re moms and dads, too.

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