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Hi all, Raina here, editor of Apostrophe. I’m sorry to say I’ve got some bad news…summer is almost over. No more 9 PM sunsets, carefree trips for ice cream in the middle of the week or long, lazy days at the pool. But here’s the good news…you still have one long, holiday weekend left to squeeze in as much summer fun as possible! Plus, fall is pretty awesome too.

If you’re looking for somewhere to rejoice in three blissful days outside before the blustery winds kick in, look no further than the south east coast of Maine — Portland, to be exact. From bike riding and lobster roll eating to shopping and historic sightseeing, this sleepy little town has it all. Set aside a little extra time to strike up a conversation with one of the locals at J’s Oyster Bar. He may just send you on one of those wild goose chases that ends up being the best trip of your life.






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