Just In From The Coast, A Poem

From California, Susan sends us a flattering lyric written by her friend Luanne. Both are members of the morning water class shown here enjoying a sunny California morning.

Class leader Kay provides swim therapy treatments, and has lately encountered some challenging health issues of her own. We wish her the very best, and thank the ladies of the morning class for their compliments on our swimsuits.




We hail from California, right on the central coast,
and water (ocean, lake or pool) is what we like the most.

So you can see that we’re in need of good and many suits,
(we also have some lovely hills and sometimes need your boots).

At any rate, as you can see, we love your sherbet colors.
We wear them in the spring and winter, fall and in the summer.

The leader of our awesome group (the one who owns the pool),
is a really special lady and also very cool.

Her pool is like a spa to us, it’s a beautiful retreat,
four mornings every single week it’s where we come to meet.

Our town is just the greatest, Oprah said that it’s the best
you see she did a survey and it came up “happiest”.

So here’s an introduction to our group, our homes and teacher,
perhaps you’ll use us in an ad, we are a “water feature”!



“Reflected in Kay’s eyes is the love of ‘her girls’ and the knowledge that her lovely pool is dedicated to the well-being of others. May she always know how much we appreciate her efforts on behalf of us who benefit from her expertise.”
– Luanne, on behalf of the morning swim class


To thank the ladies of the swim class for their poem, we gave them beach towels monogrammed with “Club Kay.”

“Everyone just loved them!” wrote Susan, fourth from the left. “You all have added a ray of sunshine to our lives!”





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