Spotting Dots



There’s a liveliness in polka dots that withstands the test of time.  Inspired by the fervor over the polka dance in the 19th century (along with a polka hat and a polka jacket, which didn’t fare so well), dots are a part of fashion history.



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Some of the more well-known polka dots have graced rock guitars, a Tour de France cycling jersey, WWF wrestling outfit and just about every Carolina Herrera dress from the 80′s and 90′s. Of course, their cameo in the 60′s pop song launched bikinis into mainstream culture.  They never vanish.  They ebb and flow like the tide and always resurface with a vengeance.




Large dots are bold and sophisticated.  Small dots are subtle and classy.  Multicolor dots are playful.  They can be traditional circles or different shapes.  They can march uniformly across a fabric or create patterns with varying color, size, and position. Infinitely versatile. And always fun.




The key to outfitting these little devils is cultivation – polka dots draw attention so wear them with a purpose.  Try our polka print in pants, when you’re in a particularly adventurous mood.  Polka dots on your favorite accents – scarves, bags, belts, and shoes – keep you on trend without overwhelming your classic look.




Try a pair of polka flats with your favorite knit pants.  Jazz up a dress with a narrow polka belt.  Love your cardigan a little more with a pretty polka scarf. Carry your wares to work in a sassy polka tote.  Whichever dotty detail you choose, be ready to feel cute, pretty, and fabulous all at once.



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