Apples of Our Eye



The first apple has arrived. Soon there will be cherries and pears, too. And it all started with a Lands’ End community garden.

In 1999 a group of employees had an idea: how about converting about an acre of land on our headquarters campus into a community garden? It proved to be such a success that there are now gardens at each of our Wisconsin campuses for employees and their families to grow vegetables and flowers.

“The success of our community garden has led the way for the Orchard,” said Randy Peterson, director of facilities. “The Lands’ End Orchard is part of our journey towards sustainability.”

The Orchard will feature apple varieties including Liberty, Freedom, Honeycrisp, McIntosh, Honeygold, Haralson and Duchess of Oldenburg.  The apple, pear and cherry varieties were chosen on the advice of horticulture experts in Southern Wisconsin. The fruit will be used as healthy snacks for company employees and guests.  It may also be donated to the local food bank.  Any fruit unsuitable for eating will join cafeteria food scraps and be added to the Lands’ End compost pile.

Johnny Appleseed would be proud.


Haralson Apple

Haralson Apple

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