The Annual Warehouse Clearance Event At Harris Park

“We’re going to need a bigger van…”

If you saw the crowds pouring into the Ley Pavilion at Harris Park, you might reasonably conclude there was a free Stones concert underway.

Instead, people are here for the deals.

Every year in late July, thousands of bargain hunters make a pilgrimage of sorts to our hometown of Dodgeville, Wisconsin.

Their quarry: a parade of tractor-trailers full of clearance merchandise, including first-quality overstocks, returns and Not Quite Perfect™ items that have flaws so tiny they’d pass muster with anyone except our finicky inspectors.

There are more than 100,000 pieces in all for family and home. And everything reduced by as much as 75% off original catalog prices.

We call it the Warehouse Clearance Event.

The faithful call it nirvana.

One year, three enthusiastic women and their children arrived in a minivan. While the kids busied themselves at the playground, the moms headed inside, game faces on. An hour or so later, they returned to the van with their bountiful harvest – nearly twenty garbage-bag-sized sacks packed full.

There wasn’t room enough in their van for everything and everyone. So one mom stayed behind with the kids while her friends transported the loot. Last we heard they were coming back with a bigger vehicle.

This year’s Warehouse Clearance event takes place at Harris Park July 31-August 5. The deals will be sweeter than summer watermelon, and you are cordially invited.

It could be your most fruitful trip all season.

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