Summer Nights On The Hill



Up until a few years ago, Dodgeville was a pretty quiet little town during the summer months.  People were busy hiking, biking, gardening and any other activity that allowed them to enjoy a beautiful Wisconsin Summer.

But that was before Lands’ End started the community’s first ever Summer Concert Series.  Since that time, music has filled the hills of this small town on Wednesdays throughout the summer.  Just as the company hoped for, the community quickly filled up the hillside of the local park with groups of friends and families who were eager to share their picnic dinners while listening to amazing local talent.

In addition to the adults enjoying the show, the kids in the community have been every bit as excited about this new event.  Each concert, oodles of children show up to show off their dance moves in front of the stage – and their gymnastics skills behind the stage!  No matter where you sit, you will not only have a great view of the band, but also the perfect view of kids dancing, cartwheeling and playing tag – all to the beat of a wonderful local band.

Lori Lease, a Lands’ End employee and member of the Dodgeville Chamber of Commerce said it best. “We are thrilled to see such a diverse crowd show up each week – from a toddler learning to walk at the foot of the stage, to their great-grandma beaming down from the top of the hill – everyone seems to be relishing in one of Dodgeville’s favorite new outdoor activities!”

If you happen to be in the central Wisconsin area this summer come join us. We’ll save a piece of the hill for you.

By Regina

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