Haltered States: In Swimsuit Season, No Body’s Perfect.

Today we bring you four humor writers’ perspectives on that infamous summer malady, swimsuit anxiety. 


bystephanie“I am free to worry in a more random, free-association kind of way that causes me to wake up at 2:00 am and say ‘Cottage cheese thighs!’”

by Stephanie Pierson 
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bykaren“It’s not that I hate my body. The problem is that I have not been professionally airbrushed.”

by Karen Scalf Linamen
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byMartha“We didn’t have legs that were cut up to our armpits or dental floss passing itself off as swimwear.”

by Martha Bolton
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byjeff“I still look best in a swimsuit from a distance of about 175 yards, out by the buoy where the harbor meets the open sea.”

by Jeff Sawyer
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