“It’s Gone?! How Can It Be Gone When I Just Got The Catalog?”


In May, some of our knit dresses sold out just days after launch. You weren’t the only ones startled and confused by their sudden disappearance – you should have seen the surprised faces here in Dodgeville. Naturally, we were thrilled that you loved the dresses, but we knew we had disappointed some of you. We wondered: How quickly can we get more in stock?

Our team of merchants, designers, fabric experts and planners locked themselves in a room to puzzle it out. They considered new and existing styles and fabrics, and printing processes. And they dealt with the biggest issue of all – how to get the dresses here … like … yesterday.

Without giving away the store (no pun intended), let’s just say that it usually takes months for us to get products made (especially given our exacting standards) and for them to arrive at our headquarters. And printed garments take longer. So dresses ordered in May wouldn’t make it here until this summer’s graduations, weddings and dinners al fresco were a distant memory.

The solution? Use two tried-and-true styles: our Squareneck and Keyhole dresses. Bring back popular patterns (in new colors), use state-of-the-art digital printing to speed up the process and pull every string imaginable to get it into our Dodgeville, WI distribution center ASAP.

Along the way, we had some fun. Decided that a gorgeous print we were saving for next year (the floral placed print on our Keyhole dress) would be perfect now. And held a company-wide dress day to celebrate this “all hands on deck” achievement.

Of course, the “customer delight” part is yet to come. We’ll be watching for that – and can’t wait for your comments.

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