The Canvas Tote That Anchored A Boat

Bert knew his crew had no way to control the vessel. The captain and crew of the Windrift were returning from a regatta when a treacherous storm set in, slamming the craft with high winds and breaking waves. The loud “crack!” they’d just heard was the rudder snapping off above the water line – just as they entered a mile-long inlet famous for rip currents and hazardous sandbars.

Captain Bert recalls, “The tow line was about to break, putting us in peril once again. We needed a sea anchor. Then I saw it: our “Windrift” bag, a Lands’ End® Canvas Tote. We never go to the boat without it. We tied a dock line through the bag’s handles and hurled it aft.

“As soon as it hit the water, it helped slow the boat. Soon the official tow boat was on the scene. It was a long, rough ride through the rest of the inlet, but we made it. I was concerned the bag would give way… but to my surprise, not a stitch was out of place. I can honestly say the quality of the construction of our Lands’ End Tote played a big role in our avoiding damage to our boat and possible injury to our crew. Thank you for making such a fine product.”

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