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When she’s not busy running our Lands’ End planning and inventory departments, chances are you’ll find Angie running along pedestrian paths and side streets throughout Madison, Wisconsin.

Recently, Angie was chosen by InBusiness magazine to be a contestant in their annual Fittest Executive Challenge.

And to be honest, we’re not surprised.

She’s a Boston Marathon qualifier, has raced in an “ultramarathon” and competed in numerous 200-mile relays.

Here’s her story.

Maintaining Her Stride

By Joe Vanden Plas

Angie Rieger: Competing for Fittest Woman Under 50

Angie maintains a busy life, and that’s outside of her job as a vice president of planning and inventory for Lands’ End. The 44-year-old executive not only has a work ethic, she has a fitness ethic, and enjoys a lot of benefits stemming from her fit lifestyle.

Better stress management is the main one, followed closely by building the stamina necessary to get her job done and keep pace with two active sons “who are often going different directions with their activities.” On the outside, she might strike some as the Energizer Bunny, but there is really no secret to her ability to remain high-octane. Simply put, it’s all about staying fit.

Rieger is primarily a runner. She’s completed 18 marathons, qualified four times for the famed Boston Marathon, and run an “ultramarathon and several 200-mile relays.” She does nearly all of her running outside, but belongs to Gold’s Gym for certain elements of her cross-training (weights, walking, biking, and yoga).

“I have been asked many times how I can have so much energy at the end of a day,” she said. “It’s because I am fit, and through my marathon training I have developed stamina for all aspects of my life.”

There are also some spinoff benefits that aid and abet fitness. Rieger believes that leading an active lifestyle helps her sleep better, no small consideration for someone balancing home and work with a strenuous exercise regimen. She considers the resulting rest and rejuvenation a key to maintaining her robust training.

As she approaches her 45th birthday, being fit enables her to come into the office with a fresh mind and clearly tackle the day’s issues. “I have stamina to push through long days, many of which are full of long meetings,” Rieger said. “Being fit and healthy allows me to be a better leader and employee.”

It doesn’t hurt to work for an online apparel and accessory retailer with a corporate health and wellness program and the facilities and personnel at its Dodgeville headquarters to help employees make fitness progress. The Lands’ End program features on-site screenings, a full fitness center, nutritionists, and personal trainers. In addition, the company has an on-site health clinic and professionals who will work with anyone on developing or enhancing their wellness goals.

“My work schedule doesn’t allow me to take advantage of the facilities as much as I would like,” Rieger noted, “but the motivation is there to stay healthy and fit.”

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