So Where Does Extra Swim Fabric Go?


To the dogs! At least that is what my Girl Scout Troop in Madison, Wisconsin decided to do with it. The idea actually originated from a co-worker (and dog lover!) in the women’s division who realized the stretchy and durable swim fabric would make a great tug toy for her canine friends.

When Erin, the swim merchant, told me about Anna’s design, I immediately went into Girl Scout Leader mode and thought my girls would love to do that. And what great timing as our visit to the Dane County Humane Society in Madison was just a week away (and May is also National Pet Month). As the girls arrived at the troop meeting, they found hundreds of colorful strips strewn across the table. Of course, they all asked what we were going to do with those.

“We’re making dog toys to donate to the Humane Society.”

Instant smiles. After a quick demonstration, the girls got right to work. Strips were flying as the bright colors and patterns were woven together. Each combination more fun than the next. At final count, the girls had created 40 dog toys! And although they’ll never meet the recipients of their unique gifts or receive any gratitude firsthand (or paw in this case), the fun they had was thanks enough.


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