Prehistoric Pants – Or, Does That Come In Cave Gray?


It’s well known that primitive man did not wear pants. This saved laundry time but exposed him to endless nicks and cuts when chasing lunch through the primeval woods and was a distraction to coworkers when he got up in front of meetings to draw powerpoint slides on cave walls.

When chinos came around, primitive man was so happy he bought them in seven colors, which looked real sharp to primitive woman, and they lived happily ever after.

In his dreams.

Actually chinos were popularized in the 1800s, by which time man was (only slightly) less primitive. The Brit’s borrowed the idea from troops in India, but early chinos were stiff and wrinkled and coarse and dull in color, so clothiers improved them and improved them and improved them some more until the ultimate chinos were finally arrived at, and these are those.

With broken-in comfort, multiple fits, wrinkle-free fabrics, endless utility and expectations met. Guaranteed. Period.®

There’s even a comfort waist that expands and contracts, depending upon whether you catch your lunch in the primeval woods today.

Either way, you’ll look great in the attempt.

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