Sarong Tying 101

A sarong  is a wardrobe staple in the tropics. And every reason why they love them there – stylish, lightweight, versatile – is why you gotta have one here. The only problem? How the heck do you tie it? Whether you’re a knot know-it-all or all thumbs, there are many simple ways to tie one that’ll look a lot better than the oversize t-shirt or (gasp!) hotel towel you almost considered wearing. These 6 options take only a minute, even mere seconds, to do (no mirror required) so you can do them anywhere. And because a sarong takes up very little space, it’s easy to tuck into your carry-on. That way you’re ready to hit the beach or have drinks on the deck when you arrive – even if your luggage doesn’t!

Wear it, share it. Is there a creative way you like to wear your sarong that isn’t shown here? Post your photos on our Facebook wall. (You never know – you could even be featured on our blog.)

Long or Short Skirt
The quickest and easiest option, it’s ideal for hiding hips while showing as little or as much leg as you want.


Bandeau Dress
Shows off your beautiful neckline, elegantly hides any lower “trouble” zones.


Crossover Halter Dress
Provides more coverage on top while adding drama to your neckline. Keeps your middle under wraps too.


Twist Front Halter Dress
A little more playful, it brings modern style with secret sensibility – balancing a fuller bust, softly shading hips or a little tummy bulge.


One shoulder Dress
It doubles as a dress to instantly transition from pool to party mode.
Note: requires a bit of flexibililty or you may want to ask your BFF to help.


Flowy and carefree, it hides those little imperfections gracefully and tastefully.



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