A Sweet Way To Celebrate 50 Years

By Regina

Anyone who has ever tried to schedule a meeting with more than five people  knows that perfect attendance can be next to impossible. However, we found a way to make the impossible possible. The secret: CUPCAKES!



One Sweet Anniversary Party

As part of the company’s 50-year anniversary, employees celebrated with a company-wide cupcake competition. Nearly 60 employees brought in cupcakes and more than 400 employees voted on the best tasting, most beautiful and most unusual. In addition to attendance being super sweet, this was one meeting where everyone showed up right on time!

Super Sweet Décor

The atrium of Lands’ End could not have been more beautiful, with tables upon tables of colorful and creative cupcakes – and no two cupcakes were even close to being alike. From Stuffed Blue Velvet to Nautical Key Lime to oodles of other mini cake creations, the entire company shared a sugar-fueled afternoon thanks to some extremely talented employees.


Sweet Taste of Victory At Our Dodgeville Headquarters


Best Tasting: Alex C., Women’s Merchant
Cupcake: Live, Laugh, Love Lemons!
Her Secret: It’s an old family recipe we promised not to tell ;)
Best Decorated: Calvin K., Business Outfitters Support Specialist
Cupcake: Strawberry Margarita
His Secret: Always bake your cupcakes about 10 degrees below what the recipe says! It keeps them moist.
Here’s how to make Calvin’s cupcakes.
Most Original: Laura P., Men’s Merchant
Cupcake: Sailor’s Salted Caramel Chocolate
Her secret: Lots of sour cream for the cake part, lots of butter for everything else.

Here’s how to make Laura’s cupcakes.

Remember folks – you found it here first.


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