What Is Beach Living Anyway?

Beach Living is …


… when you want to look stylish (and stay covered) as you keep up with little ones: “After 2 kids and the effects of gravity, it is nice to feel confident in a swimsuit again.” (MTmomof2)

Cute. Colorful. Comfortable. Flattering. Versatile.

Our largest swim collection means so much to so many. No other has gained such a loyal following.

And does it ever rake in the rave reviews from real women of all shapes, sizes and ages, grateful to have found a suit that lets them love who they are. It has something for everyone.

Beach Living is for when …

… you’ve just about given up ever finding a suit to fit your figure: “Thank you for making a top by cup sizes – I finally have a suit that fits!” (shann8171)

… you prefer a bit more modesty: “I no longer feel comfortable having my thighs exposed so much when in swimwear. A SwimMini is the perfect solution.” (Happy12be)


From cruises to kayaking, waterparks to water aerobics, beaches to backyards, women have happily paraded their Beach Living favorites. Because they truly love the way it makes them feel.

Beach Living isn’t just a collection, it’s become a state of mind. Like the saying goes, “as relaxing as a day at the beach.”


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