Welcome To The View From The Lighthouse!


I’m the CEO and President of Lands’ End … and have an equally rewarding job as father of a five-year old. Indeed, she is one of the biggest reasons my wife and I are so passionate about this company.

In a world saturated with poorly made clothing for kids, often in styles that would have them grow up too fast, Lands’ End Kids is a beacon for real-kid clothes. Like our Iron Knee® Pants, which won a 2013 Good Housekeeping VIP award. Everything we bring your family reflects quality that is Guaranteed. Period.® Style that is timeless. And value we feel is unrivaled.

2013 is the fiftieth year of a voyage that has taken us from Chicago to Wisconsin to the front porches and apartment doors around the world where our packages arrive every day. We remain committed to delivering the very best experience we can for our extended family. And family you are, in our eyes. Always deserving of friendly help and fair treatment.

Thank you for connecting through product reviews, Facebook, phone calls, store visits, email and now this blog. Half a century along, we are still listening.


That’s guaranteed, too.







Edgar Huber
CEO and President

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