Triangle Rock Club Puts Our Active Collection To The Test

lebo_2If you’ve ever read our Business Outfitters’ blog, you may have seen a story about Triangle Rock Club in North Carolina’s Raleigh-Durham area. In just over 5 years, they’ve built the club into one of the southeast’s premier climbing gyms, and after meeting two of the three managing partners, it’s easy to see why. Former Marine, Andrew Kratz and seasoned businessman Joel Graybeal share an enthusiasm for climbing, but both understand it takes a lot more than that to make it work.

As Andrew puts it “You may think we sell rock climbing, but what we really are selling is customer service.” And Joel subscribes to the belief that  “Business is a lot like climbing, in that if you’re not advancing, you’re not going anywhere.”

lebo_3We went there to do some real-world testing of our new Active Polos and Shirts, figuring that if any team could use the moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, quick-drying performance of these shirts, it would be a bunch of climbers.  And we definitely figured right. From wrangling a dozen or more kids during all-day climbing camps to coaching climbing teams prepping for national competitions to setting routes on the club’s 9000 square feet of climbing walls, the gang at Triangle Rock Club never has a dull moment. As Joel told us, “The staff is always on their feet. In fact there are no chairs for employees on the club’s main floor” (not that they would have time to sit!).

Before we went to see the Triangle team, we were expecting them to give us lots of feedback on the performance features of the Active Collection, and while they all appreciated that (especially in regard to their non-stop work routines) there was one comment that really made us proud. Andrew  – remember, he’s the former Marine –  was asked for an overall opinion, and he had this to say: “Being a former Marine, one of the pieces of that is about being professional. This logo wear helps reinforce the professional look that we ask our staff to maintain in their interactions with our customers.” We couldn’t have summed it up any better.

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