Now That’s A Big Hat

One reason Lands’ End clothing fits and lasts is that we test it ourselves. On any given day, employees somewhere on our Dodgeville campus are walking around in pants and shirts with SAMPLE tags tucked inside.

A few weeks into a test, volunteers are surveyed about size, fit, fabric quality, shrinkage after laundering, suggestions for improvement, and the most telling question of all …

“Would you buy it?”

One day several years ago, half a dozen employees were invited to a conference room for the launch of a fit-test. The facilitator was late, and while waiting, participants wondered aloud which product they would be testing.

“We’re all guys. Could be men’s chinos,” suggested one invitee.

“Or dress shirts,” said another.

But looking around the room, there was something more – something we had in common. What was it?

“Wait – It’s our heads,” one staffer proclaimed. “We all have
extra-large heads!”

It was true. Everyone sitting around the conference table had an outsized melon.

Not a medicine-ball, topple-over, gravity-wins boulder, mind you. But if one of these guys sat down in front of you at the movies, you’d move. If it was a drive-in movie, you’d move the car. The biggest head in the room was surely a niner.

Gathered in this room were the people with the largest heads in all of Lands’ End. Probably in all of Dodgeville, and possibly in the greater Midwestern region.

The facilitator arrived with an armload of test caps and confirmed it. These guys were a bookend to the head scale. The Jupiter to everyone else’s Mercury.

They were the big men on campus.

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