A Spring Rebirth In Boston

In early February of this year, the Lands’ End Shop at Sears in Burlington, Massachusetts (a bit northwest of Boston), took on a completely new look and feel.

Although we titled this post as a “rebirth,” some may call it a “facelift.” Others may consider it to be more like a “full body massage” or a “makeover.”

You get the point.

What the shop looks like now is like nothing you’ve seen from us before.


Because to be quite honest we’ve never taken on such an enormous redesign.

In mid-December of 2012, a small recon team of Lands’ End creative folks took a 24-hour trip to Burlington to scout the location. They took notes, pictures, dimensions, brainstormed ideas and then hopped a plane back to Dodgeville to get down to business.

Utilizing a large space in one of our distribution centers, Lands’ End’s in-house artists, store designers and craftsmen spend the next 45 days building a replica of what they wanted the Burlington Lands’ End shop to look like. Once the finishing touches were complete, everything was boxed up and packed onto a few 18-wheelers for a journey towards Plymouth Rock.

It took just over a week to reconstruct everything, and now that it’s all said and done, a truly unique Lands’ End store experience has been “reborn.”


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