QUESTION: What does it take to create a great catalog cover? ANSWER: Seeds. Dogs. Bones. Gravel.

When clients of Lands’ End Business Outfitters have substantial uniform programs, we sometimes create custom catalogs displaying exclusively their wardrobe and logo. Here’s how some of our favorite business covers came together.

The Caterpillar brand lends itself to playing in the dirt, but that’s not what you see here. It’s crumbled Oreo cookies. They’re easier to size and shape, though tougher not to eat. The buttons are pea gravel scooped up from the photographer’s driveway. The CAT logo is a swatch created by our in-house embroidery team.

Our stylist shopped for seeds at a local feed mill using a criteria they seemed unfamiliar with: seed size and beauty. She created a clay base, and while the clay was moist, placed every seed you see here by hand. The stripes on the shirt are sunflower seeds. The burlap background is a piece of one of the seed bags.

These French Bulldogs – Bella and Boo – belong to a Lands’ End Creative Director. The dogs were photographed separately, so they’d look at the camera instead of each other, and the two shots were merged digitally. The polos were fetched from Lands’ End Kids.

This American Veterinary Medical Association cover began with a wet clay base. The stylist shopped for the bones at a local pet shop, size and color being her criteria. Each dog bone was pressed into a wet clay base. The shirt buttons? Cat treats.

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