The Copywriters’ Revolt

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A long time ago, in a cornfield far away…It is a dark time in the history of advertising.

Dissidents have dared to proclaim that no one reads catalogs any more.

Yet this company was founded by a writer. And one Lands’ End writer has declared, “Our clothing has a story – and if people won’t read it, I will read it to them…”

That man is Bob.

Bob discusses angel hair and meatballs and how it relates to Pima cotton (seriously).

Bob ponders the difference between Chinos and Khakis.

Bob opens up about what guys want.

Bob provides free advice on Hemingway.
(Editors note- that can’t be right?)

Bob clarifies what Pinpoint Oxfords are actually made from due to their misleading name.

Bob digs deep on the origins of linen.

Bob goes coastal talking about board shorts.

Bob is really into Madras. We’re not sure what Madras thinks of Bob.

Bob starts strong talking about Durable Goods. . .

Bob knows the origins of the word Supima – but that’s about it.

Bob divulges what happens in our secret lab.

Bob introduces our newest employee whose name is Squall.

Bob presents a hollow description of fleece.

Bob’s monogramming advice and how to name your child.

Bob explains the diet of a Merino wool producing sheep.
Yup. You read that right.

Bob sings a suit song. Our apologies.

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